Friday, November 27, 2015

Welcome to Our Bella Dama Shop

This online shop is created for all our lovely lady out there!!!
Just for your own convenient, whereby you can shop & purchased without any hustle at all.
You can shop at your bed, on your couch, at your office and even anywhere.

How does it work??

Take a look at our product
Find the one that you wanted
Email @ leave a comment at the entry
We gonna reply back ASAP with our acc num
Bank in and you will receive it within 2 week
(P/S: If more than 2 week we will send you code as an apologize so that when you purchase
with us again you will get a rebate of RM10)

Send Gift to your Lovely Friend ??
No worries!!!
We can wrap it and send it to her
Plus, you can attached a note that you give it to us and apply it on the gift card
Charge ??
Only RM15 including with postage fee

Stay tuned with us
More discount yet affordable for you

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Amazing Shoe Rack - RM35 free postage Semenanjung / RM40 EM

Amazing Shoe Rack

 Just put whatever yang korang nak !! 

Nak letak #hijab #shawl #tudungbawal #kasut pon boleh .. 

Price : RM35 free postage for Semenanjung
RM40 for EM

Size : Tinggi 140cm , panjang 51cm lebar 24cm . 

Whassapp / wechat / viber / sms at 0172434830 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Batter Cream Muffin Dispenser (900ml)

  •  Neatly deposits the perfect amount of batter
  •  Use for pancakes or other desserts too
  •  Results in consistently sized cupcakes that will bake evenly
  •  Quick and easy, soft grip, pull handle to dispense batter
  •  4 cup/1-liter capacity with measure mark
  •  Easy to read measurements on the side
  •  Easy to clean and store
  •  Hand washing recommende
  •  Plastic     


Whassap / Wechat / Viber / SMS at 0172434830

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pemborong, Dropship - Full Time & Part Time Needed By Bella Dama Enterprise

Pada yang berminat untuk meniaga secara kecil-kecilan tetapi TIADA MODAL , anda dialu-alukan untuk menjadi sebahagian dari ahli dropship kami . 

Kami telah berdaftar dengan SSM - AS0363422-M.

Kami utamakan kepada yang betul-betul serious sahaja. 
Yuran RM10 dan akan dikembalikan setelah sale ke-2. Anda diberi masa 2 minggu , sekiranya tiada sales kami akan keluarkan anda dari menjadi ahli dropship kami. 


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Sunday, January 12, 2014

TOMY 3 in 1

Great for
- booster seat
- diaper bag
- diaper changer

RM75 including postage to Semenanjung
RM79 for Sabah & Sarawak

Whassapp / wechat / viber / sms at 0172434830


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